Metal Sculptures, Structural Metal Artworks & Bespoke Architectural Metalworks

We have a long history of applying and delivering sheetmetalwork, bespoke fabrications and architectural engineering that stands out, makes a statement, enhances spaces/environments as well as benefitting the public and the aesthetics of businesses premises alike.

In being responsible for the full production of a number of award winning public and private sector projects we take great pride in our involvement within this niche metalwork and engineering sector.

From concept and design, through calculations and manufacture, to successful installation we are always available to undertake and help with metal artworks, structural sculptures and bespoke architectural metalworks throughout the UK.

CORE-TEN structures, large monoliths, laser cut totems and structural installations and are a true speciality at Pearlgreen. With additional services and support available from our group signage, joinery and fit out companies, there really is very little we can not achieve for you no matter how far ‘out there’ or wild your project designs may be.

To learn more of our experience or to enquire of our specialist services why not talktous or call on 01482 618441.