CAD/CAM Folding Metals, Rolling & Forming Sheetmetals

Our aim is always to offer the widest range of metals, fabrication and engineering services possible at the most competitive price. It’s not a bad aim and, invariably, we meet it. As proactive supply partners and manufacturers we offer a huge range of services which include metal cutting, sheering, sawing, punching, corner notching and guillotining.

Our powered mechanical guillotines are designed for fast accurate cutting and shearing of metals up to 6mm. CAD/CAM or manually operated with twin sided blades the capacity of our sheet metal cutting operations and onward fabrication is unquestionable.

CNC punching of volume hole and countersink works offers our clients an economical option against laser cutting or manual fabrication. Economies of scale and component complexity obviously play a part in our guidance on all such products.

Hydraulically notching, to take cut outs from sheet metal up to 6mm, is used on applications where the likes of corner forming is required.

Band saws, rapid straight cut and adjustable mitre cut saws are all used on mild steel, aluminium and stainless steel sheetmetal. On volume none critical components and pre-fabrication works saws often provide the most economical of production methods.

Our metalworking plant is supported by a range of drilling machines capable of precision and general sheet drilling works.

To find the best process and to understand more about the services we offer please talktous or call on 01482 618441.