CAD/CAM Folding Metals, Rolling & Forming Sheetmetals

If you need a range of metal folding, bending and rolling services or would simply like to tap into our extensive knowledge and experience, we’d be delighted to help. Alternatively, if you’d like us to work alongside you or within your direct teams we can also help having proven over the past 20+ years that we can add value to often difficult and diverse metalwork requirements.

Hydraulic press breaks are used for the majority of our metal folding, forming and bending. Using up to 180 tonnes of pressure on sheet lengths up to 4m enables folding of up to 6mm Ferrous Steels, Aluminium’s & Stainless Steels. Proportionate reduction in sheet lengths increases our capacity to fold up to 12mm sheetmetals via a wide range of specialist tooling.

Rolling and forming curves in Sheetmetal and metal profiles is never a simple process and always best left to experts with the correct equipment and knowledge. Repeated rolling passes, variable pressures and finite calibration are all used to produce exact products for our clients. Working at up to 4m long our sheet material maximum thicknesses is 6mm.

We undertake both simple and complex fabrications, including the use of folding and rolling metalwork, to products such as access ramps, cabinets, plates, parts, bracketry, ducting, trunking, enclosures, flashings, panel work, portable unit walls, container sides, signs and staircases.

To talk a project through with us or to understand more about what we can do for you why not talktous or call on 01482 618441.