Pearlgreen Engineering

Established in 1992, we are based in Hull and are one of the North of England’s most successful and innovative metals engineering, fabrication and architectural metalworks sub-contractors and manufacturers. We provide our services to high profile, newly established and one-off clients to meet their volume and bespoke project requirements. Possessing an enviable reputation for reduced lead times, we consistently meeting stringent schedules and always go the extra mile’.

We are responsible for the fabrication, welding and laser cutting of engineered metal parts, assemblies/sub-assemblies, steel fabrications and construction project components within, and upon, some of the best known and most recognisable commercial products and projects in the UK.

A flavor of our steel fabrication, sheet metal engineering, laser cutting and architectural metalworks runs from complex rolled and folded Aluminium fabrications, structural steel metalworks, formed building trims/cladding, balustrading and conveyor elements through staircases, handrails, ramps, fire escapes and ladder systems to as far and wide as bespoke fabrications, urban furniture, precision components, feature metalworks, artworks, tanks and hoppers.

We are an ISO 9001 accredited company combining our wide reaching experience, insight and good old-fashioned nous to add value to all elements of product development, project fabrication and precision metalworks. Our commitment to the future is highlighted by being one the first regional metal engineering and fabrication companies to offer CE marked EN ISO1090 structural engineered steelworks and steel structures. Our engineers work with the latest CAD/CAM and 3D technologies interpreting and transferring drawing detail into effective and cost efficient engineered solutions. Our starting point is to always truly understand our clients and their project needs before working collaboratively to provide outstanding results.

Sitting within the wider Strata Holdings group, we are always able to pass on the benefits of our group manufacturing economies to our clients as well as accommodate wider consolidated purchasing arrangements and needs.

Pushing boundaries, entering new markets and constantly investing in our people, plant and facilities is at the very heart of our business. It is what our clients expect and exactly what we have delivered consistently for well over 20 years.

Sheet Metal Engineering & Fabrication of: Mild Steels – Stainless Steels – Aluminium’s and Composites

Our extensive plant, skills and group capabilities allow the following sheet metal engineering and fabrication processes to be undertaken in-house (unless denoted).

Laser Cutting
Ferrous and non-ferrous mild steel, stainless steel, aluminium and pre-finished surface metals (e.g. galvanized or zinc coated) can be cut from sheet up to 3m. x 1.5m. Cutting thickness range up to 25mm on mild steel, 15mm stainless steel and 12mm aluminium and with tolerances available at +/- 0.2mm (dependent on thickness) detailed design is never a problem. Rapid cutting speeds, quality of finish and efficient auto nesting of materials make laser cutting an extremely cost effective process.

Water Jet Cutting
For cutting and detailed profiling thicker material sub-straight as well as specialist metals such as titanium, steel, brass and certain aluminium grades we outsource our works via specialist partners.

CNC Milling & Routing
Thinner grade aluminium’s up to 3mm and stainless steels to 1.5mm are routinely routered using advanced CNC technologies and the very latest fast bed machinery. Sheet sizes up to 3m x 1500mm can be accommodated with detailing produced via the conversion of various file formats.

Guillotining, Shearing & Cutting
We use powered mechanical guillotines specifically designed for fast accurate cutting and shearing of sheet metal materials up to a thickness of 6mm. Programmed or manually operated with twin sided blades, supports and hold down facilities, the capacity of our sheet metal cutting operations and onward fabrication are unquestionable.

Using specialist CNC punching machinery volume hole and countersink work offers clients an economical option against more advanced laser cutting or manual fabrication. Depending on economies of scale and component complexity we advise options. For more complex louvre and dint/dimple requirements we utilise our specialist partner services.

Corner Notching
Hydraulically powered notching machinery is used to take cut outs from sheet metal up to 6mm. Application can be used for the forming of corners for shallow trays and boxes.  Whilst CNC punches and routing is more prevalent the ability to notch metal remains useful for certain sheet materials as well as free issued components that cannot be easily CNC punched or cut.

Drilling Metals
Our metalworking plant is supported by a range of drilling machines capable of precision and general sheet drilling works.

Band Saw Cutting
We possess a range of band saws for rapid straight cut and adjustable mitre cut works. Where volume, repeat and none critical cuts are required metals band saws are often provide the most economical cutting method. Square and round section Profiles as well as metal bars and flats for assembly and part production are also often cut and prepared utilising band saws.

Advanced machining works can be applied to our engineered and fabricated metal products. These are undertaken by our specialist machining partner. Their works, accreditations and reliability wholly mirror our business ethos and the way we work to provide a seamless additional service. Machining processes available include: milling, turning, drilling, 3D turning, 4th axis work, CAD design, precision surface grinding, metal stress relieving, metals heat treatments and angle head works.

Shaping sheet metal into curved forms and rolls is not a simple process. Repeated passes, variable pressures and finite calibration are used to produce exacting products. Our rollers are 4m long and work with material thicknesses up to 6mm.

Folding & Bending
Our hydraulic press breaks undertake the vast majority of our metals folding and forming. With capacities up to 180 tonnes, sheet lengths of up to 4m and thicknesses up to 6mm (10-12mm at 2m) there is very little we can’t achieve. A wide range of tooling is held or bespokely created especially for individual clients and their product requirements.

Composite Fabrication
Our same site group companies undertake a huge amount of work with various composite products. This allows their knowledge and experience to be passed and utilised. Routering detailed shapes, folding, adhesion and complex structural adaptations are undertaken by experts in their field.

Specialist Metal Finishing
Specialist pre-preparations and surface finishing services are supplied to many of our fabricated and component metal products. These include linishing, brushing and polishing, galvanising, powder coating and spray painting plus stove enamelling, anodising and vandal resistant coating application. Whilst a number of our metal surface services are maintained in house or within group operations some more specialist finishes are applied via partnerships with specialist companies.

Coded Welding & Fabrication
Our welders are specialists applying their accredited and certificated welding services to much of our fabrication, enclosure and engineering output. We use MMA (arc), MIG & TIG welding as standard whilst offering aluminium and gas welding both on and off site. Additionally, we possess qualified coded welders who’s accreditation are such to allow works to be undertaken for the rail, aeronautics and marine industries.

Robotic Seam Welding
A CMT (cold metal transfer) robotic welding process set on an automated tracker bed is used for precision welding control to create immaculate results. CMT welding alternates between hot and cold providing material stability, consistency and repeatability. Robot welding speeds seam welding production across a variety of material types and thicknesses

On-Site Fabrication, Welding & Installation
Installation of our engineered metals and fabrications is offered as a service to all clients. As a group, we possess all likely and legislatively required accreditations and certifications to undertake works within almost all likely environments.

The above covers the majority of our standard metals manufacturing processes and fabrication disciplines which are used within the production of metal parts, architectural metalworks and assemblies. Our aim is to be a one stop shop’ for all engineering needs providing a complete range of available services to suit all client needs.

At Pearlgreen we’re confident we are a market–leader in precision metals engineering and fabrication. Whatever you need we can deliver.” -Tony Schultz

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