Pride in the honesty we bring to the relationships we build and the trust we develop amongst those we choose to have commercial dealings with.
“No bull”

Dedicated to environmentally sound principles and practices which guide us towards ISO14001 & ISO14040. Positive investment and proactive partnering to reduce our footprint
Pearlgreen “Leaner and ever greener”

It provides a platform on which long term relationships are built. Your trust in us is integral to our undertakings.
“Safe Secrets”

Northern, forthright and bold. We take responsibility, minimise sub-contracting and maintain full control through the use of employed staff who deliver results.
Pearlgreen “We walk the walk”

Design & Planning
Experience, knowledge and ‘tech’ help us engineer to specification, guide and even propose. Moulding workloads and accredited procedures to full product and business requirements.
“Solutions, well done”

The forefront of engineering and manufacturing innovation can be uncomfortable but is always exciting. We rely on our gained experience but understand our limitations. New works and new markets are only entered into with robust assurance. Investment in people and machinery provide modern engineering, fabrication and production facilities.
Pearlgreen “Making it smart”

Our products are almost permanent, be they individual products, parts or elements of a wider project. Our teams judge their success in terms repeat business and with nearly 25 years of production being visible and in use across the UK we do not intend to compromise our future. First time on time is the aim, allowing for fair judgement by all.
“Only the best will do”

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